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Send news by e-mailYour name *Your e-mail *Your e-mail *”I had been approached before to create a cosmetic line, even a perfume. But I could never find the right moment,” Isabel Preysler confesses in the

She was the one who encouraged me. She made the business and marketing plan,” explains Isabel. What did she want her own creams to look like? “After using hundreds of them – I’m very lucky that the companies send me a lot,

I was able to use them in the presentation this week. The creams have a 15% sun protection factor, because Isabel loves the sun. “When I was married to Julio (Iglesias) I used to get so tanned that when I went out at night you could only see my dress moving,” she says with a laugh. As for the price, “I wanted the best possible creams at a reasonable price.

I wanted the best possible creams at a reasonable price. The contour costs 44 euros; the serum, 47; and the cream, 49″. She opted to market them in pharmacies (they are in 1,800), “because they inspire confidence”. “Although I have never used the famous balm that was attributed to me when a stewardess claimed that I had thrown it in the wastebasket at the door of the airport pharmacy,” she clarifies.As for My Cream’s sales, Isabel is optimistic: “They tell me that my creams are being liked. “View the

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You may or may not be a fan of Isabel Preysler, but whatever your criteria, what no one in this world can deny is that the Filipina must know the secret to anti-aging skin. It’s impossible to find a wrinkle, a blemish or a slight sagging sensation on Isabel Preysler’s face.

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Until 2020. Suddenly, a few days ago, the account seems to have been reactivated with a new claim: “Enter our website and ask for your free samples. #MyCream #isabelpreysler #antiaging http://www.isabelpreysler.com”.

Let’s start with the Radiance Rejuvenating Serum (47€), which aims to slow the advance of the signs of aging and restore radiance to the skin. For this battle, it has the LUMI-IPR illuminating complex, responsible for evening out the tone and acting on blemishes. As an anti-aging treatment, Isabel does not forget the importance of hydration to improve skin firmness and keep wrinkles at bay. The treatment contains hyaluronic acid and elastin for firmness, as well as amino acids and, of course, a battery of antioxidants such as vitamin C.

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Cleansing, moisturizing and protection are the three maxims Isabel Preysler follows to show off luminous, firm skin without a trace of wrinkles.Click on the image to see the most important moments in Isabel Preysler’s life. / instagramSARA FLAMENCO

how she takes care of the skin on her neck and décolleté, and now she has given us a new gift. Through her website, she has told us the step by step of her daily beauty routine, a detail for those of us who, like her, love to take care of our skin.

The first step is a deep cleansing of the face, because while we sleep, bacteria, dirt and sweat particles accumulate on our skin and clog the pores, causing the face to lose its healthy appearance.

The EC-IPR complex decongests under-eye bags, fades the dark color of dark circles and brightens the eyes, reviving them and preventing signs of fatigue. In addition, it increases the skin’s suppleness and deeply moisturizes it, so it is also highly recommended for the lip contour. You can find it on their website for 44 euros.

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Every week, we look forward to Isabel Preysler’s skin care tips. She already told us about how she uses self-tanner to make it look perfect, about the use of vitamin C to brighten her skin and eliminate the signs of aging and about how she takes care of the skin on her neck and décolleté, and now she has given us a new gift. Through her website, she has told us the step-by-step of her daily beauty routine, a great detail for those of us who, like her, love to take care of our skin.

Isabel Preysler performs the same ritual at night to remove traces of makeup, dust and pollution that accumulate throughout the day on her skin. In addition, thanks to the application of her products, she helps the cell regeneration that takes place while we sleep.

Obviously, she uses her own creams, since there is nothing better for her skin than a product created by herself. But if the stem cell technology for the formulation of her anti-aging cream has caught your attention, here are two other options that also have spectacular results:

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