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In addition to these desserts, in Mercadona you can find a wide variety of tasty and rich sweets and ice creams for these holidays, such as cheese flan, coffee with milk pannacotta, pudding, chocolate ice cream with chunks, whisky cake…which one do you choose?

At this time of the year there are things that cannot be missing on our table, for example, nougat. In Mercadona you will find a selection of Mercadona nougat of different varieties. If you want to have a sweet detail for coffee or snacks, we recommend the assortment of Bombones Senzza and the tins Selección de Pastas y Galletas Hacendado.

If you are looking for ideas about the main dishes for your Christmas lunches or dinners, you can see the fish recipes that we offer in the Mercadona Fish Market. If you are more of a meat lover and want to enjoy lamb, suckling pig or baked turkey, you can find these Mercadona meats in our Butcher’s section.

Now that Christmas is over and we have returned to the routine, it is convenient to take care of ourselves and acquire new healthy habits. 100% whole wheat tortillas are a good option for this. Besides, they are delicious and very easy to prepare.

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The item has returned a few weeks ago to the shelves of Mercadona supermarkets and has caused a great buzz among customers, many of whom had already lost hope of finding it again.

I have to tell you that Mercadona has removed the lemon cookies 🙁 but instead I have seen that they have brought back the lemon contesa. Because Mercadona squeezes, but doesn’t drown – María (@mariadmg98)

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Hi. We are sorry we do not have this ice cream in the assortment. However we would like to inform the people in charge about your interest in the lemon contesa. What did you like most about this ice cream? Best regards and sorry for the inconvenience – Mercadona (@Mercadona)

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Apart from the flashy acronym A.I.A.D.H.E.S.A., this great brand is formed by a group of 35 ice cream artisans from the towns of Jijona, Ibi and Alicante, where none is more important than the other, and currently directed by Joaquín Lancis. Helados Alacant, which is how everyone knows it, has been standing up to the large multinationals that dominated the food sector since 1972.

The ice cream maker maintains a policy of constant improvement and reinvestment. They combine family tradition with modern manufacturing and a strong commitment to the environment and development. Its success began with the launching of the «Original three-chocolate afternoon» and «Mini cookie bonbon». From manufacturing half a million liters of ice cream to almost 20,000 million liters.

4.  Super nata: The traditional chocolate and cream sandwich can be found in the Mercadona coolers at 2.10 euros a pack, with 6 units. A mixture of flavors: chocolate, cream and chocolate chips. Ideal for hot afternoons, although you can enjoy it at any time of the day.

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