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A few months ago we saw the report «De lo bueno, lo mejor» on TVE in which appeared, among other places, the restaurant El Riscal and its beef, at that moment we decided that this would be our next gastronomic getaway.

The main course of the meal, of course, was their star dish: CaBu a la teja. That is to say, a dish of beef for two people that is cooked at the table in a clay dish previously spread with beef fat.

The small glass contains an exquisite sweet. It was a light dessert as if it were a curd but sweeter and with a spectacular flavor. If you visit this restaurant, it is mandatory to order it, even if you don’t have a sweet tooth. You will love it!

If you don’t know it, from the outside this restaurant looks like one of the many steakhouses that we find on the road in the villages of Segovia. However, when you enter, you realize that it is not a conventional steakhouse.

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🥇 Restaurant el riscal, carbonero el mayor (reportage of

Just for the differential fact of controlling the whole process of their oxen, from birth to feeding, slaughter and maturation; it is worth coming to El Riscal. It is an absolutely differential fact that nobody or very few other restaurants can boast, at least that we know of. El Capricho, located in Jiménez de Jamuz (León), the great steak restaurant, acclaimed by the New York Times as the best steak restaurant in the world, does not own its own cattle, although it is true that José Gordón, its owner, does a commendable job in selecting and acquiring the best oxen from all over Europe.

🙈 Eating authentic beef in segovia

At El Riscal, in Carbonero el Mayor, Segovia, they know it well. Although the ideas of Jesus and Javier move the wonderful world of beef for all the aficionados, Roberto García is in charge of the dining room and also of the sommelier function.

Here the beef is the protagonist. The Riscal boasts of being a place of reference as far as meats are concerned. Tired of seeing how they gave old cows for oxen in most of the restaurants they visited, they decided to have their own cattle ranch and offer real ox meat, and the good kind.

The combination of cattle breeding and hotel business of the García brothers turned this restaurant, inherited from their parents, into an essential stop on the route of meat lovers. If we add to this the Monte Nevado hams that are also produced in the area, the day can be perfect.

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With these references, a visit to Riscal is a must, and discovering the village of Carbonero el Mayor is an added attraction. Here you can still find old trades such as Segovian stitch embroiderers, dulzaineros and potters… some of the most renowned in Castilla y León. The oxen pull a lot!

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