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🤰 El tigre gaseosa soda baking soda

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🐱 Baking soda in english

Many people have known El Tigre since time immemorial, they use it assiduously, and they make the most of it, even giving it uses other than those of baking. There is no need to explain anything to them because they know even more than we do and every day they surprise us with delicious and original recipes.

That said, many of you have just arrived to our community, it is the first time you have a box of El Tigre in your hand or you have been watching us on the networks for a long time and you don’t know very well what it is used for.

And some of you will say: «but I use Royal to get volume in my masses, is it the same thing? what’s the difference? Well look, that’s precisely what this publication is for, to give you a little more information so that you can clarify some doubts.

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The function of the raising agent (El Tigre) and the baking powder or chemical yeast (for example Royal) is the same. Both products are used to achieve the same objective: To increase the doughs and make them fluffy.

Be careful, there is also a mistake in some cases with calling yeast to this type of products, at the most it could be called chemical yeast because yeast is something else and has other functions. Do not think that this type of product is used to make bread recipes.

😂 Soda papers

This is another question that always comes up as a doubt in recipes that use this product as an ingredient, as well as with which other product it can be substituted. Today we are going to talk about soda pop in all its forms.

It is a booster for sweet whipped doughs (i.e. sponge cakes, muffins, cakes, etc.). They are composed of two-colored sachets: the colored sachet contains raising agent -sodium bicarbonate-, and the white sachet contains an acidulant.

Each brand has its own measures. Be sure to check the instructions on the packets. Normally, they indicate that a sachet is valid for a certain amount of flour. For example, with the Hacendado brand you should use a double sachet, that is to say, one white and one colored, for each 200 grams of pastry flour.

It can be found in practically all supermarkets, next to yeast, custard preparations, etc. In Mercadona, for example, they sell them as ‘Gasificante Litines’, with the Hacendado brand. You also have other brands like the ones you see in the photo: El Tigre -a company born in 1915-, and Armisén, also of all life, auqnue this one cost me a little more to find it.

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🤟 Baking soda for baking

This product is usually presented in sachets which contain components such as sodium bicarbonate, cream of tartar and other acidulants to obtain the desired result in baked products.

These raising agents are used especially to sponge the dough doing a similar job to yeast or other products made to obtain the same purpose. As for example it could be the Royal yeast or other yeasts either chemical or natural.

These raising agents apart from containing the necessary chemical components to make the doughs puff up or sponge give a citric touch to our recipes since to activate these chemicals an acid such as lemon is necessary.

Why does it contain 8 sachets of raising agents and other acidifying sachets? Well, the answer is very simple, because in order to obtain a puffing effect in our doughs it is necessary that the chemical components, such as cream of tartar, come into contact with acids or acidulants.

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