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Put in a bowl a little of the warm milk (no more than 35ºC, or the yeast will die) together with all the yeast and three spoonfuls of the flour and mix well until there are no lumps. Let it rest for about 15 minutes to ferment.

Take a pastry cutter of about 7 or 9 cm in diameter and a pastry bag nozzle, (there are donut cutters but if you do not have it, use whatever you can think of, such as a glass and a water bottle cap) and make the cuts. Repeat these steps until the dough is finished.

This wait is very important, they have to rise so that they are fluffy inside and also the dough is rounded, but we must not exceed the rising time because they will come out rough from so many bubbles that will come out.

Heat the oil in a deep frying pan or casserole, between 150ºC and 170ºC, (low/medium temperature) with enough oil so that they float, the doughnuts cannot touch the bottom because they will burn and be marked.

We put two or three units, so that they are loose, immediately they are rounding and getting golden, after a few seconds we turn over and brown the other side and turn over again after a few seconds.

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Jo ja estic mes que cansada de voura esta noticia, en difereta gent famosa. A nes cara, cada pic post borrar porque es fake news, y vuelve sortir. No tenemos privacidad, ni los famosos, ni ninguno de nosotros. ¡Nos hacen lo que quieren! Tot aixo far potera.Cómo funciona el fraude del bitcoin que utiliza la imagen de los famososAlberto Chicote volverá a la televisión con un nuevo formato, en el que viajará con famosos a diferentes partes del mundo. Producido por Boomerang TV, el programa comenzará a grabarse a finales de agosto y se emitirá en La Sexta la próxima temporada.

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Alberto Chicote fue el cuarto invitado de Palo y astilla, el programa de Mamen Mendizábal en La Sexta. El cocinero comenzó hablando de su infancia en Carabanchel, el lugar “donde me he criado toda la vida”: “Nunca me fui a vivir así solo hasta que me fui con mi entonces mujer”.

Cristina Pedroche lo ha vuelto a hacer. La presentadora ha vuelto a sorprender a los espectadores de Antena 3 con su espectacular vestido en las Campanadas que ha protagonizado junto a Alberto Chicote desde la Puerta del Sol.

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From learning how to sprinkle salt the right way to making the fluffiest and tastiest donuts, Alberto Chicote gives us some of the best cooking classes. If you want to make these delicious spongy donuts, you have to see everything I’m about to tell you, because these facts and the chef’s techniques will give you a ’10’ result.

As in any recipe, the choice of the right ingredients is essential for success. For this reason I am going to clarify some aspects about the main ingredients to prepare these donuts Chicote style avoiding that you fall in the attempt.

The flour and yeast to be used must be of a specific quality and type, I am sure that I will clarify some doubts that may be hanging around in your head in a simple and very easy to understand way. So go on to the end, learn a little more, and unravel with these fluffy “doughnuts” that would make even Homer Simpson himself rave.

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The coronavirus has brought out our most ‘cooky’ side and, of all the options, sweets have taken the cake. So much so that flour and yeast have even disappeared from the shelves of some supermarkets. In ‘ Yantar’ we have made many different cakes and even sweets without flour or yeast.

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The TV chef Alberto Chicote has joined the trend through his social networks. There are many recipes that he details through his profiles. Some of the most commented by his followers are these: flourless cake, donuts and doughnuts.

– With two pastry cutters we make the donuts and put them on non-stick paper one by one (I like to keep the “holes” to make “mini berlinas” we let them sponge for about 49 minutes at room temperature, they will rise twice as much, more or less.

– I put the oil, the 90 grams, on the fire with the orange peels (or whatever we choose), heat gently until the peels are lightly browned. We turn off the heat and let it temper.

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