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Man, he’s right about two things: that Rivera ruined the party and that they gain nothing by resigning… the party is sinking by itself. Or did anyone resign in Podemos when they were expelled from the 2 castillas and Galicia?

The left is the left. The left kills thousands of people with a lousy management of the pandemic and its electorate votes for the health minister responsible only to stop the right. Their leader buys a big house and pisses on them from the balcony and they drink it in order to stop the right. They are like that. The right is usually different, only because most of their vote is independent, which if it is for the peperos would be equal to the left But Ciudadanos showed height with the demission of Rivera. After this disaster Inés could have recognized that they were wrong in their strategy and will go back to work hard to represent their electorate that is stampeding to PP and Vox.

Let her stay in her seat. But at least she should come out with a self-criticism, a plan of action and some head of the leadership to blame for the problem. In this way the message she leaves as a brand is «I am cool, it’s my ex’s fault, they will vote for me when people understand».

📃 inés arrimadas stands up at the eurochamber and

What the government is doing to her is not normal. How can she not realize that the whole congress is laughing at her and the party. I do not know if she likes to be laughed at or if it is a strategy but it is horrifying.

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Ciudadanos is going to remain as residual at the national level. Rivera played the Sanchez no, and at the time it went wrong, but with what is falling Cs had to have kept that line of «to many things yes, except Sanchez», and would return to 40-50 deputies without problem.

Now Arrimadas is looking to fight where she has some space, which is in the center, and eat some space to the PP, which is playing to be right of center but there Arrimadas is more credible.

Now Arrimadas is looking to fight where she has some space, which is in the center, and eat some space to the PP, which is playing to be right of center but there Arrimadas is more credible.

👐 bea fanjul, «the rising star of the pp», gives her the greatest

Users of Forocoches have sent to the national headquarters of Ciudadanos a group of three mariachis who have sung the traditional ranchera ‘Cielito lindo’ after the collapse that the orange formation has suffered this Sunday.

It was after the resignation of Pedro Sanchez as secretary general when, between trumpets and guitars, sounded ‘La canción del mariachi’ that Antonio Banderas sang in the movie ‘Desperado’; the popular ‘Clavelitos’ or the mythical theme of Jose Alfredo Jimenez with which they have crowned Sanchez as ‘El Rey’.

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The affiliates of Ciudadanos have agreed this Sunday to bet on continuity and have chosen Inés Arrimadas and not Francisco Igea, leader of the vital sector and her competitor in these primaries, as president of the party to succeed Albert Rivera. The officialist candidate and her squad ‘Unidos y Adelante’ have received the support of 76.91 percent of the affiliates with a party that has reached 59.5 percent of a voting census of 20,713 militants. Igea and his list ‘CsEresTu’ have received 22.32 percent of support, while the third aspirant, the Valencian Ximo Aparici, has remained at a meager 0.74 percent. Arrimadas herself predicted her victory on the eve of the voting and launched the idea that Igea «knows that there are not many options for her to win the presidency» The Castilian-Leonese leader assumed how difficult it was going to be to defeat her, but relied on the militancy dissatisfied with the party’s line of action, which demanded a «change» The voting was conducted in two phases: telematically from midnight on Friday until 21. 00 hours on Saturday; and at the ballot box, from 10.00 hours this Sunday until 19.00 hours, in the eight provinces in which the affiliates who wanted to do it in person were approved after requesting it. Like most of his associates, Igea preferred this method of voting.

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