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Tuiteras such as Barbijaputa, Irantzu Varela and Alicia Murillo have highlighted the power of social networks to raise feminist awareness, especially among the youngest, in addition to launching a call to end terms such as ‘micromachismo’ because it can end up naturalizing it. A proposal for its redenomination could be heteropatriarchal violence or symbolic violence.

These are some of the reflections of the conference ‘Micromachismo en las redes’, organized by the Federación de Mujeres Progresistas and financed by the Madrid City Council with the collaboration of the Red Cross. The presentation was attended by the president of the federation, Yolanda Besteiro, and the delegate of Gender and Diversity Policies, Celia Mayer. The journalist Lucía Asué Mbomío conducted the meeting of feminist activists in the networks.

Irantzu Varela defines herself as a journalist and feminist because she cannot be one thing without the other when doing «communication from feminism». She is behind spaces such as ‘El tornillo’ or Faktoría Lila and with her experience she can highlight that social networks can be used to feed feminist activism.

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«Most of our collaborators are women and very active in social networks, and we see how they are crushed,» she says, to explain the concern from which the report Las violencias de género en línea y sus recomendaciones registered this Tuesday in Congress has arisen.

The usual response, warns the jurist, can be seen in the Mexican Luchadoras Report 2017: the majority of women who suffered cyberbullying opted for survival strategies such as blocking (26.3%), ignoring the situation (26.3%) or changing or canceling their account (13.9%). Informing a third party (11.3), confronting the person (5.6%), reporting to the authority (4%) or taking other measures (4.2%) are minority options.

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«I have never filed a complaint, because if it is not considered violence to be penetrated 11 times in 18 minutes between five men… how are they going to consider it violence to call you a feminazi slutty bitch?» says Varela, who does trust in collective complaints. «They are not crazy or isolated, they are supermachistas and they are organized in forums visited by millions of people who not only give coverage but drive these attacks,» warns Varela. «Forocoches or Burbuja are spaces where feminists can be openly threatened and receive applause, and we receive threats.»

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They say they are afraid of us, but it is not true. If it were, they would not do to us what they do to us. They are afraid of losing their positions of privilege because they know they are arbitrary and many are where they are only because they are men. They know they are in danger.

We are very anti-establishment in everything. The main mandate that the heteropatriarchy imposes on us women is to obey, but above all to obey so that everyone likes us. That in ‘Telma and Louise’ is very clear because they are changing on the way to their own empowerment. Even physically, because they start to sweat the opinion of others, they stop wanting everyone to like them and they start to like themselves. That, although it seems self-help, is the most powerful process of empowerment a woman can undertake: stop worrying about being liked by everyone else and start liking yourself. That is a journey of no return.

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One of the symptoms of feminism is that everything seems different to you. You change your perspective and you see the grooves in everything. You see to what extent we are used to seeing as normal things that are not normal, how the spaces of power are absolutely masculinized, to what extent women are treated as objects? Everything is different. Even films that you have liked all your life and now you have to watch them very generously or within their context. You don’t see them in the same way anymore.

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The rape and murder of Sarah Everard at the hands of a policeman and the proposed PCSC Bill, which will give greater power to law enforcement, triggered a wave of protests in the British country in 2021.

How many monsters do we need to realize that it is not isolated cases nor is it always «other men» who cross the visible line between socially accepted machismo and inconceivable tragedy.

There is also another article by Echenique-Robba, P. (January 27, 2014). Subnormals have the right to be men. EL Diario. — > https://www.eldiario.es/retrones/subnormales-lenguaje-retrones-discapacidad_132_5057346.html

«Attachment becomes very complicated when you are a person to whom relationships become more complex due to exclusion, to deviations from the norm, both for being —neurodivergent—, as well as for being fat, ugly, with functional diversity».

Irantzu Varela warns that this is a constant war and says that fear will change sides. I don’t understand, she spends days threatening everything that has a tail. That is, she is not very scary.

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