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Alvaro Ojeda, ‘youtuber’ and reporter of ‘OkDiario’, responded in a sarcastic tone to Cruzcampo’s tweet with the message: «Mine is the one about ‘how good Cruzcampo is'». The subsequent ‘zasca’ of the beer firm accumulated.

Faced with such fierce criticism, Cruzcampo responded by claiming that it was «getting the context very wrong». «We were talking about jokes and you have come to scrape retweets knowing that we fit the criticism with a sense of humor. Don’t take it personally because in the end you spend a bad afternoon foolishly».

And, again, this message again received a flood of ‘likes’, much more than those of Alvaro Ojeda, demonstrating that a large part of the tweeters are more in favor of the ways of Cruzcampo than those of the reporter of ‘OkDiario’.

Hahaha, you’ve got the context all wrong. We were talking about jokes and the great Paco Gandía, and you have come to scrape RT knowing that we take criticism with a sense of humor. Don’t take it personally, you’ll end up having a bad afternoon. Hugs. – Cruzcampo #FuerzaBar (@Cruzcampo) July 1, 2020

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The dispute began when the Portuguese shared on his account a photo in which he appeared with Bernd Schuster in the early 90’s, both dressed in Atlético de Madrid’s kit. In a joking tone, he wrote next to the image: «In this photo there is so much quality that it will give you problems to load».

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The thing did not stop there and the former striker responded with a screenshot of his Wikipedia page in which you can read that he was European champion with Porto in 1987 and an image in which he appears holding the trophy. «Make yourself a sticker with this picture, fiera,» he replied.

However, users were left with the slap in the face that the red and white legend had given him and, as is logical, the reactions did not take long to appear. Some asked him to move on from Ojeda, others mocked him and there were also those who reminded him of the day he confused Columbus with Copernicus trying to ridicule Podemos.

Don @PauloFutre, for the appreciation I have for you, do not answer any more to characters that turn journalism into a nest of garrulismo, machismo and amarillismo. This person is already little mentioned luckily, he needs publicity because without it he is nothing. No case Paulo

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