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Francisco arrived at the First Dates restaurant, an amateur boxer who claims that just as he knocks down his rivals in the ring, he does the same with women through his gallantry. The Catalonian arrived with 1000% conviction that he would succeed in his date, as he claims to have everything the average woman wants in a man.

In the final decision, Francisco acknowledged that Mireia was everything he was looking for in a date, and that he would love to repeat the evening with different results. For her part, the woman acknowledged that although she didn’t have a bad time, it wasn’t what she expected either. Apparently the boxer’s seductive effect does not work in front of the cameras, or the diner is immune to his charms.

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People’s versions are divided between the woman’s extreme sincerity, or the low self-esteem she possesses. In either case, the farmer businessman has been deflated because he expected a pleasant and romantic evening. It was of no use that he liked the diner physically, if her willingness to let herself be known was nil.

Francisco was getting so bored that at one point in the «evening» he thought about leaving, but he waited to find out how the atypical date would end. The worst was yet to come, when the diner confessed that one of her pet peeves was that she could not stand anyone touching her, not even by accident. The farmer’s face was a mixture of mockery and confusion and in his mind he was thinking, «What has she come to the program for then?»

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This will be one of the dates that Francisco will never want to talk about. The physical liking he felt for Reyes, faded with the girl’s disinterested attitude in getting to know each other. However, in the final decision, the diner gave him a gift in the form of an invitation, to go to Cadiz and visit not her, but a friend of Reyes.

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The date on First dates between Jaday and Francisco on First dates was a clear example of not trusting first impressions because the bartender didn’t like the clerk when he saw him enter the Cuatro venue, but in the end they ended up kissing and leaving together.

«I like myself very much as I am, and I say it out loud. Would I fuck myself? Also», said the man from Lleida in his presentation. Carlos Sobera wanted to know how he had been doing in love so far.

Jaday answered «terrible because I’ve never had a relationship, I don’t care if it’s a girl or a guy. Obviously I have an armor and whoever doesn’t know how to break through it, I’ll be an arrogant edge with that person. That’s the way I am and if he doesn’t like it, I’ll leave.

His quote was Francisco: «I’m crazy about fashion, I’m always very posh, with my turtleneck sweaters and my jeans on». Seeing him walk through the doors of the restaurant, Jaday exclaimed as he snorted, «Hay Dios, Virgen bendita!».

«I don’t like him at all, I’m not attracted to him because I like more men, but I’m going to give him a chance,» admitted the bartender, while the Murcian did like his date: «When I saw him I thought he was a handsome guy, his face, his eyes… and his body, a ten».

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Never have two such different souls fit together so well. Without having to bring out embarrassing sexual details or make an unusual request to Carlos Sobera, this date has blossomed and Patricia and Francisco have given free rein to their passion in the private booth of this restaurant of love that can be seen daily on Cuatro.

Patricia confesses to him that she is looking for a relationship, and that she wants a strong arm to hold her to feel protected. She starts flirting to conquer the Valencian ‘Thor’. Yes, to ‘Thor’, the God of Thunder, as is his chiuahua, one more of the family. «Whoever is with me will have to accept it,» says the Catalan. For Francisco it is not a problem, he has always had dogs, so he would gladly «adopt» ‘Thor’.

The compliments are a constant in the appointment of patricia and Francisco, who seem delighted to have met. «You have beautiful eyes, the color of the sky» or «My makeup must be melting, I’m so hot…», are some examples.

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